Biking 101-Getting that first motorcycle

You should start off with a simple , cheap, beginner motorcycle. The kind that if it falls wont do much damage to the bike or yourself.

It would probably help if you became familiar with most of the types of motorcycles available. And in time when you are ready to upgrade , choose one that may fit your riding style best.

Generally there are many other factors than just riding style when it comes to choosing a motorcycle, but for now we will work on  the premise that you have a basic simple bike to practice your riding. So the following are several types of motorcycles you would consider when you need to upgrade.



1. Cruisers

Bikes with raked forks , reclined seats and used for laid back riding . Perfect on highways , a bit heavy for town use.


2.  Choppers

Lots of chrome , extreme fork rake , extended fork length, hard tail frames ( frames without rear suspension)  made popular by  customized Harley Davidson choppers . More for show than performance.  The bike to have if you want to look good.


3. Dirt Bikes

Motorcycles designed for off-road riding, this could be Motocross , Enduro or Trail riding. Featuring minimal body work , knobby tires and long suspension travel .


4. Dual Sport / Super Moto

Dual Sport is  the combination of a street and off-road motorcycle. Capable of exploring  back country trails and roads while still capable of using our local street and highway systems.

Super Moto motorcycles are frequently custom-created combinations of off-road motorcycles and road-racing wheels/tires, known as ‘supermotard’ bikes. Designed for the  flat trackmotocross and road racing,


5. Scooters

Small motorcycles of a step through design allowing the rider to sit with feet on the bike surface like you would in a car. with some body work and several storage compartments . comfortable for commuting  , shopping and town use.

Sports bikes wallpaper6

6. Sports Bikes

These are motorcycles designed for performance at the expense of fuel economy and performance. Best suited for more advanced riders , or ones with a high risk appetite and thrill for speed.


7. Naked Bikes

General purpose street motorcycles ridden in an upright posture , usually devoid of any fairing or body work . easy to ride , economical , best suited for commuting. Have  a wide range in terms of engine capacity and performance .


8. ATV

All Terrain Vehicle also known as a quad bike.  Designed to operate in a wider variety of  terrains , the extra wheels give added stability.  Rarely street legal , though some models do come with lights and all.


9. Touring

The touring motorcycle is designed specifically for  long trips and the same comfort  you would expect from a car. These bikes have wind protection, weather protection, large fuel tanks.

Ride Safe!

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