Can Ride ….but Shouldn’t

A good rider is a good risk manager.   As you go through a formal rider training course, you learn and perfect your controls and manoeuvres skills.

That is the easy part, you then learn how to identify and manage your risks and you learn a good system of motorcycle control too. What you can’t be taught is good judgement.

I have seen my share of new and experienced riders with very poor judgement and they are a danger to themselves and others.


The fact that you can ride,  that you can control and manoeuvre a motorcycle,  doesn’t mean you should,  especially if you have exhibited poor judgement in the past.

Please! Get off the public roads, ride on motorcross track or even better ,  sign up for enduro , where the only thing you can hurt is yourself.


This is the time to tell the bitter truth to that rider who is training ,  to the newbie on the road , to the experienced rider on his street or adventure bike. To any rider who consistently shows poor judgement.  You can ride , but you really shouldn’t.

Ride Safe

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