Celebrating women in motorcycling- Agie

We continue to celebrate Women bikers. Another amazing feature by Hadithi Picha. Our alumnus Agie got featured.

Here is a snippet of the original blog post:

We officially celebrated the IFRD on 5 May but we continue to celebrate extraordinary women (bikers). In our fifth feature we delve into Agie’s motorcycling world. She is a finance specialist in the airline industry and has been there for the past 28 years. At 52 years, with three beautiful children, Agie is full of life and young at heart. She loves music and enjoys traveling. She is your no nonsense kinda of girl and believes in one being truthful to self and others. Read along to get the full picture of her riding world:
When did you start riding and what motivated you to take up riding?

I always wanted to ride since my 20’s. I had a colleague who used to own a motorbike and once in a while he would drop me home on his bike. Riding has always been one of those things that I used to talk about. “Siku moja aki nitaride Motorbike” , I always told myself. In  2016 , when one of my friends posted a picture of herself with a bike, a gift from her hubby, the riding bug bit hard. I decided it was time to do this and my riding journey started.

Did you have to go through formal training? How was the training experience?
When I was researching for a riding school, all the seasoned riders recommended formal training and that is how my daughter and Istarted training with Malibu from InkedBiker.
Upon training, I got to realize that riding is so different from what people think. It polishes your alertness on the road if you have come from driving car. You become more conscious, you look out for anything and everything and notice things that you otherwise would not have whilst behind the wheel. 
To read more about her biking journey, head over to Hadithi Picha’s Post

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