Celebrating women in motorcycling- Peanut

Another celebrated Inked Biker Alumni Peanut had this to say in her recent feature with Hadithi Picha:

“Peanut kicks off our Women and Motorcycles series. This Photo series is aimed at celebrating women who are defying the odds by riding motorcycles prior to the forthcoming International Women Riders Day in May 5. When asked to describe herself, Peanut says she is an 18-year-old queen with 24 years of life experience. A mother of two adorable princes, who are 16 years and 12 years respectively, she spends her weekdays working in Eldama Technologies LTD, kenya’s tier 1 cloud service provider. But beneath that helmet is a lady with a myriad of vibes. She is sassy, assertive and unapologetic when it comes to speaking her mind. She carries with her a ball of hype wherever she is and her presence is one to lighten up your mood. She shares her beautiful riding experience with us:

When did you start riding and what motivated you to take up riding ?

I learnt how to ride in back in 2015 December but began to actively ride in June 2016. I always loved motorcycles from the very beginning. I would sit and watch movies where ladies were riding a motorcycle. I thought they looked all macho in their leather attire and stiletto boots but the best part is when they would take off their helmets and shake their hair (that hair going wild still excites me to date)

Did you have to go through formal training? How was the training experience ?

Yes, I went through professional training at InkedBiker Rider Trainingand the experience is a story in itself. I actually learnt how to ride on the bike I currently own. I still find it interesting that I bought my bike before actually learning how to ride. I had it parked for six months prior to my training. I was very anxious during my training and I remember being “punished” by the head trainer, Malibu for my silly mistakes.

Read more about her biking journey, head over to Hadithi Picha’s Post

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