Go For It! Biking 101

Go For It! Biking 101

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Everyone has a story why they cannot ride but wish they could.

I have heard them all . Constrains from your spouse , siblings or friends who don’t want to see you get hurt …..”motorcycles are dangerous , i know somebody who almost got killed ” they tell you. Or maybe now you have kids who need taking care of so ” a motorcycle will just have to wait”.

bikes are dangerous t shirt

The truth is that if you have been bitten by the the bug within you to ride a motorcycle you will find the time to take it up. No amount of deterrents from friends , family  or colleagues will stop you from riding.

Once you are hooked you will spend time surfing the net looking at all these cool bikes and trying to figure out what motorcycle to buy that is within your budget …assuming you do have a budget.

enough said

Then again you will be stumped by most motorcycle terms you will hear or come across.  There is a lot of information out here and in subsequent posts , i will try and make sense of it all.

Every week i shall cover the following sub topics on my blog and i invite your comments and questions.

  1. Getting Training on how to Ride a Motorcycle.
  2. Motorcycle Types
  3. Basic Gear
  4. Buying a motorcycle.
  5. How to service and maintain your motorcycle.
  6. Road Trips and Touring

Ride Safe!

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