Know Your Bike

Motorcycle maintenance is a vital part of being a biker. Whether you’re riding a moped, scooter, or a 1000cc super sport. One thing remains true, if you look after your bike then your bike will look after you!

We will teach the basics of understanding the difference between drum & disc brakes and how the braking systems operate. You will learn how to inspect every aspect and be able to identify faults such as worn brake pads, damaged brake discs, incorrect brake fluid levels and much more.

This 2-hour course will boost your confidence in several ways:

As a rider – knowing that you can cope with minor adjustments when no help is around.

Using garages – a little knowledge goes a long way!

Using basic hand tools – these simple skills have become obsolete for many.

Our course instructor, Malibu, has a wealth of experience as a rider, bike instructor, and mechanic and has a particular knack of getting the right knowledge across, and does it with patience and great humour.

To give you the best real life experience our courses are run with the basic tools that you could carry, and with no specialist equipment. These are all procedures you can carry out at home or, where safe, at the roadside.

This course is an ideal introduction to maintaining and repairing motorcycles covering the mechanical and electrical systems and how these different systems work and operate together to ensure the highest performance from the bikes.

What will I learn?

Units of Study:

  • Motorcycle braking systems
  • Motorcycle suspension, engines and transmission systems
  • Servicing and maintaining motorcycles.
  • key components to check and when as well as how to check them