Knowing your Motorcycle by Dr Jinx

Masomo Monday!!!

Back with a bang… a bang so bad ass it will make a gixxer with a through pipe slap it’s momma.

Anyhooooooo… Back to class. Today, your lecturer is me…Jinx.

And we are going to cover Knowing your motorcycle.
It sounds pretty basic, but you will be surprised how little you know about your pride and joy.

“Hey brah! Cool bike. What make is it?”
“Thanks. CBR 250-Rrrrrrr. Abs edition.”
Insert Awkward moment. Period where both aren’t sure on what next to ask. Usually price. Then more awkward moments.

So you already have the Motorcycle. It is what you wanted vis a vis needed. You can name the brand and the other letters/numbers and how ever many ‘R’s are attached to it. You know its documented top speed and how fast it gets to 100 kph.
However, do you know what size of brake discs are at the front and rear?
What tyre pressures does the manufacturer recommend? What spark plugs does it use?
What is the recommended oil rating?
What is the size of the petrol tank?
Do you have upside down forks?
The list goes on and on and on and on.
Yeah some items can be a bit technical, but that doesn’t stop you from knowing the basics about your bike.

Why should you know your bike? So many ways to approach this question.
Safety: Knowing your bike gives you an understanding of its limits and by extension, your limits.
Maintenance: from the periodic oil changes to the odd failing systems that require replacement, repair etc
Legal: warranties and insurance. Did you know that some insurance companies will not replace that ksh20,000 aftermarket exhaust if you are unfortunate to be in a wreck? Or any other aftermarket parts if they find out?

Some tips to help you get to know your bike are
1. Get the service manual
2. Talk to other owners of similar makes and models
3. Check out online forums
4. Talk to reputable mechanics
5. Take a walk around your bike giving it a head to exhaust examination.
These will help you in your quest to knowing your bike.
And with that, class dismissed. Go fourth and ride my fellow warriors.

Every time a butterfly farts, I become infinitely stronger.

Ride Safe


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