Lane Splitting -by Dr Jinx

Lane Splitting -by Dr Jinx

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Let’s dive into the safety issue…

Well the *DICKS* in the NTSA say it is illegal and would like nothing more but to throw our asses in prison and we get bum touched by cagers.

Let’s take the California guide to lane splitting.

Makes sense right…now that’s what the NT-mf-SA should be doing.

When the filtering in stopped or slow traffic, slow speed is best.

A certain scooter rider got pounced on by a passenger getting off a matatu. No one got hurt but it goes to show that you have to be very cautious of such things.

You should always be aware of the “door zone.” Vehicle doors can unexpectedly open. Unless you a splitting near Lamborghinis…when those doors go up you’ll be like “daaaaaaaamn son! That sh@t is tight!”

Secondly vehicles change lanes unexpectedly. That dumb ass VX will change lanes without indicating, then indicate after joining the lane.

*insert gangster voice,” ya’ll got be alert son.!” Or what is known as a ‘hook collision’ may occur.

You also have to watch out for hawkers, pedestrians, and animals (we live in Africa don’t you forget it). The slower the better.

So benefits of the cater jealousy inducing practise…

1. Relief of congestion. True dat homie.

People say,”Am gonnaw but a vitz because it’s smaller and will ease congestion.” Wrong…Unless that vits is Noah and can part the traffic waters, you stranded son.

Motorcycles create their own lanes and make use of unused roadway space.

2. Less pollution.

*insert Chinese accent…confusious say a rane spritting motorcycle go reduce porrution.

Yup less time spent in traffic, less pollution

3. Is it safer for bikers…?

Some say lane splitting reduces the risk of being rear ended.

I have been rear ended by a fool on the phone while stopped in traffic. So I kinda stand behind this one.

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