Learn to Ride

The #Learn2Ride is designed for those who want to learn how to ride a motorcycle and those who have some riding experience and want to get their motorcycle license/endorsement.  It is an 16-hour course that consists of three parts; an interactive classroom segment where you are taken through all the items related to motorcycle riding, a hands-on segment where you are taken through practical riding and an on-road riding segment where you are taken to the roads to have an experience of how riding happens in real life out there as you learn to mitigate the challenges that comes with interacting with other road users.

What Will I Learn in the #Learn2Ride?

You will learn;

  • What riding gear is the best to wear
  • How all the motorcycle controls work and how to use each one
  • How to start a motorcycle, take off and stop and practice doing each one
  • How to properly turn and shift gears and practice doing them
  • How to perform slow speed maneuvers
  • How to stop quickly and safely in the shortest distance and practice doing it
  • How to swerve to avoid a hazard and practice doing it
  • How to develop situational awareness to avoid a crash
  • How to use 2/4/12 to avoid a crash
  • How to ride in rain and wind
  • How to start off on a hill without stalling
  • How your risk-taking level and riding skill level can determine your chances of crashing
  • Why motorcycles crash and much, much more. You’ll learn things that your friends, relatives and YouTube can’t teach you.