Masomo Monday- Hump Day Edition By Aaron Masini

Masomo Monday….Hump Day Edition.
Cue the music…
“Hot Chocolate-you Sexy Thing.
I believe in miracles, where you from you sexy thing (Sexy thing, you)…….”
Today I’ll attempt to tackle two things.
What your Motorcycle says about you?
What people think/ reckon your Motorcycle says about you?
I am sure we have all come across this in one way or the other. Sometime I think there is a level of stigma and labelling when you get on two wheels. I almost punched someone in the throat one time. But that was my mum. I didn’t. She made me chips. We became friends again. I call her often.
Which brings me to the line between concern and labelling. Where is it?
I believe the old impression of motorcyclists as being reckless,thrill-seeking,  squirrel-brained buggers is on its way out. These machines reduce time wasted in traffic, increase office hours, reduce pollution, save on fuel (except my R6- she cannot pass a petrol station; alcoholism is real bruh) and hence it is greener to ride than to drive.
Another thing riding is exhilarating. You get to wherever you are ready to pounce on any activity required (wink wink).
With this is mind I think for most,  the motorcycle says I am focused, motivated,  conscientious, environmentally friendly person; to say the least.
So what people think your Motorcycle says about you. They think that a motorcyclist is a reckless human being who has no regard for their safety and just wants to hump their daughter.
They believe we have a death wish and are on a mission to fulfill it.
They most often than always base their argument on ignorance, hear say and imagination.
If I am not wrong, there are more private  motor vehicle related accidents than private motorcycle related accidents. Majority of the private riders are safe riders and when an incident occurs it is usually caused by a motor vehicle.
We should be concerned about them concerning our safety. They need not label us and hide behind the veil of concern. Sometimes I think it is hidden inherent jealousy…
I believe my motorcycle says a lot about me. I believe what I think my motorcycle says about me supersedes whatever anyone thinks/reckons it says about me.
Keep riding for whatever reason you got the motorcycle and stay safe.
My caterpillar has not yet morphed into a butterfly. I am still positive it will. One day. One day…

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