Masomo Monday- Road Rage By L. Monyenye

Masomo Monday- Road Rage By L. Monyenye

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Today’s Masomo Monday is a contribution from L. Monyenye on road rage.

On 25 Dec last year on the Githurai 44 route, a personal car was involved in an accident with one of the buses that plies that route.
Out of rage, they confronted each other and the driver of the personal car was badly injured as a result of the confrontation.
From the incident, I learnt that:
1. Violence does not solve anything.
2. Just because you are involved in an accident doesn’t mean you need to engage the other party.
3. At times walking away, does help. Especially if the other party (or you) appears irate.
Then I was wondering🤔


– Have you witnessed road rage?
-Or have you been a part of it?
– What did you do/learn?
As you answer her questions, have a look at this article on an unfortunate incident in the UK.
How do you handle ‘cagers’ who seem to ‘take offence’ to your overtaking, lane splitting or mere presence on the road for whatever reason?

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