On the Road Training

Whatever level you are, our years of experience and proven techniques are not about getting you to pass the course. Much more importantly, it’s a passion and mission to give you the tools to evolve into a better and more skillful rider. We are not about the easy way. We are about the right way-the safe way. People are talking about our skills, our curriculum, our high standards, and how we stand out. We stand out because of HOW we teach, that comes from who we are.

Motorcycle Riding Concepts is committed to rider education and motorcycling excellence. Our training cadre is top-notch – the cream of the crop. Each of these training professionals has successfully completed rigorous training courses to achieve qualification and certification as a RiderCoach/Instructor and each must be re-certified every year.

Even though divided highways are statistically safer than most other roadways, the relatively high speeds, frequent lane changes, and congestion can be unnerving. To survive this sometimes-hostile battleground you need to foresee problems before they materialize and continually position yourself to be seen and defend against aggression.

The hazard you’re most likely to encounter is a driver merging into you. Drivers who are distracted and generally careless routinely change lanes without a glance. As much as we’d love to change their behavior, it ain’t going to happen. Even responsible drivers will inadvertently invade your space if they don’t see you.

You can minimize the risk of getting caught up in another driver’s mistake by spotting potential hazards early. Keep a lookout for brake lights and sudden head or arm movements that may indicate slowing traffic, imminent lane changes, or an erratic maneuver. Identifying these subtle clues allows you to avoid last-second decisions and desperate reactions.