Uncertainty and Fear Unmasked- Guest Post by Biker Chic Muthoni

You’re probably thinking this is one of those long posts about a fictional journey, or maybe not. Either way, it all comes together eventually.

Uncertainty causes fear in most of us, on a daily basis perhaps but we learn to live in a routine until we “trip” into an unplanned occurrence.

My story is no different. When I first met the inked biker in person, I’m sure he thought I was just one of those pretty girls passing by to try our luck on the track and on the two wheels – I mean, it was rather obvious that helmet hair had never been in my vocabulary, neither were dusty pants and a helmet face.

As we slowly ventured into the curriculum, I was quite honest when it came to the fears I had – the biggest being “Falling” leave alone tripping. As much as I had already fallen for bikes, biking and into the right hands for my training, this was just an anticipated feeling of suddenly hitting the ground while on the 2 wheels. The mere thought of it shook me, froze me and sent me into a panic. Every time I approached a turn I stopped and re-strategized and Inked Biker noticed.

Then came the day when my anticipated actions came to be and for sure it caught me by surprise. Slowly and shakily, I stepped away from the machine that had slowly gone down on the track against my left foot, looked at him and walked away – heart in my mouth. I was done with the session for the day. #Fall01

I didn’t give up so I was back on the track the next day as per our schedule, feeling ready but still afraid of falling again. This time I was ready for it or so I thought. Down! Again! Luckily, no injury at all this time. In fact confidence was blossoming in me and I felt like a Ninja *a mini ninja*! #Fall02

#Fall03 Inked biker looked at me, smiled and said “now you know how to drop your bike like a pro ” I had seen this fall coming and now I was really ready, I let go of the bike right on time and moved away at the perfect moment – I was just my about to break into a small victory dance but I didn’t yet, just in case I had broken the bike.

What Inked Biker didn’t know then, I had conquered it – the feeling that influenced my actions and reactions on the track was now under me, I had total control. The same principle applies in life.

Look at it this way, tomorrow is purely uncertain but we go to bed with no fear that it will not come to pass and when an unplanned event occurs it doesn’t stop us from wanting tomorrow to come for one reason or the other. Every decision we make in life is fueled by our control of the uncertain which we shall now refer to as hope….. and this is a lesson I had every day but it only made sense Once I hit the track and embraced the two wheel machine.
I will forever be grateful.


Ride Safe,
Biker chic Muthoni

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