Yes, ATGATT By Sultan Mustafa.

Last Thursday morning, I decided that knee guards are not meant for Ninjas like me. The office route seemed to be shorter and decided to use a longer route for a thrill. 

I decided to go bump jumping. I get a thrill when springing my bike down then launching it in the air.  Let’s say I believed that slowing down at the bump is for the weak and meek. . Nilijua sijui. 

As usual just like I used to do on my 150cc, I sprung my bike and launched it in the air. However, landing became the problem.  I was wearing the wrong boots for the ride; in as much as they were pure leather military boots but with no ankle protection. To top it off, I had no knee guards on me.

Now let’s talk about landing! My front wheel landed on oil since I was close to a garage which was also by the roadside. This is where all hell broke loose. My foot slipped and stepped on my gear. In the process I ended up gearing down to gear one and that was when I unleashed all the monsters stored in the beast. All I remember is that the bike went “skrrrrra Pa pa ka ka ka Ski bi ki pa pa” .

I skidded with the bike for approximately three meters before I got lodged off from it. I could see my DNA from the first point of contact with the tarmac to the stopping point. It was like I was given a contract to paint the road. Now all I have is evidence of my unpaid labor.

Lessons from the fall

  1. Even if you are going to buy tomatoes down the road, always gear up! ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time). We tend to lower our protection when we are in our hood and we are more likely to fall in such places.
  2. Having proper boots is a must for any ride- let the minimum be leather boots. I can’t imagine how bad my injury would have been if I had worn sneakers. 
  3. Knee guards will help reduce the possibility of you doing unpaid paint jobs on the roads.
  4. Before pulling a stunt consider where you are going to do it. Don’t be like me; I rode next to a garage forgetting that there are high risks of finding oil spills on the roads.
  5. Before pulling a stunt consider the weight and power of the bike. Don’t let your adrenaline take control of you. What you can do on a small bike might need more time and practice before you can do it on a big monster factoring the power and weight differences.

On a lighter note, the crowd enjoyed the show. The baby’s nursery rhyme – humpty dumpty- has now taken up new Lyrics in our household thanks to my creative wife.

A few questions to ponder on:

  • What is your pre-ride routine?
  • Have you ever considered your risk matrix? That is, what you imagine or dream you can do verses what you can actually do or what you really should be doing
  • What assumptions do you make in your riding? They don’t have to have resulted in an incident
  • Finally, what direction do you want to take your riding and are you prepared? (E.g. Stunt master,  off road,  street racing)

Ride safe y’all and stay sane!

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